It’s the Remix: 3 Old-School Songs Brands Should Remake

Snoop Dogg shared a blunt with Hot Pockets recently and instantly microwaved one of the greatest marketing remixes of all time, “Pocket Like It’s Hot”.


What artist/brand remixes could be next?  Here are a few to look out for:

All the Pringle Ladies – Beyonce

There’s a reason Kayne charged the stage to harass Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs. The Single Ladies video is fucking epic. It also involves a dance that could easily incorporate Pringles, and with Beyonce performing at halftime of the Super Bowl, this is worth spending whatever it takes to get done. Here’s a little taste of how the remix could go:

“All the Pringle ladies, all the Pringle ladies, all the Pringle ladies, all the Pringle ladies, now put your cans up.

Up in the cup(board), just woke up, doin’ my barbeque thang, decided to chip, but now you wanna trip, ‘cause another can is now empty,

I was up on him, he was up on me, but now I don’t pay him any attention, once I popped, I can’t stop,  you can’t be mad at me…

If you like it, then you should put a Pring on it…”


I’ll Make Dove to You – Boyz II Men

This remix is less about the lyrics, and more about the video. Watch the “I’ll Make Love to You” video and imagine silky smooth Dove chocolate and ice cream bars in the silky smooth fellas’ hands.

“Throw your wrapper, on the floor, I’m gonna taaaake my wrapperrr off toooooooo.”


98 Febreeze – The Hardest Thing Remix

Tweens that loved this song back in the day are now making 81% of the household purchasing decisions, so it works from a marketing perspective. The band also has a new record in stores and is going back out on tour, so the timing works. The words are a pretty natural fit too:

Ohhhh no, We both know I shouldn’t still be here, this smells wrong, and baby it’s killing me, it’s killin’ you, both of our noses tryin’ stay strong…

It’s the hardest thing I’ll ever have to dooooo, to look you in the eye, and tell you I don’t smell you….


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