3 Ways Guys Should Use Pinterest

Pinterest is full of shit guys don’t need to know (how to properly make polka dots on your nails), shit guys don’t need to see (“My Perfect Wedding!” pin boards) and shit you wish more ladies would do (leather pants with nude!!!).

That being said, Pinterest should be utilized by men. Here are three ways Pinterest can help you:

1. Mentioning Pinterest around an attractive woman can make her laugh. Here are few simple ways this can sass up an otherwise bland conversation.

Example 1:

Attractive woman: I like your shoes.

You: Thanks. I saw them on Pinterest.

Example 2:

You: Wow, I love your apartment. I feel like I’m on Pinterest right now.

Attractive woman: LOL.

Example 3:

Attractive woman: I had the worst day.

You: You know, life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Attractive woman: Wow, that’s deep.

You: I can’t take the credit. I have to thank Pinterest.

2. Pinterest also makes finding a gift for your girlfriend 1,000% times easier than before. Simply check out her “My Style”, “Must Haves”, or “OMG Want!” boards and thoughtfully pick out your gift based on the occasion. Every photo links right to where you can buy each item, so you only have to venture to a store to buy the tissue paper and bag you’re going to put it in.

3. Pinterest aggregates all of the best recipes from the internet in one spot, which will come in handy when you decide to grow the fuck up and stop eating grilled cheese sandwiches made from the two end slices and Cheetos for dinner.

There’s also recipes for when you’re cooking for someone on a date, need a dip/app to bring to a semi-respectable Super Bowl party, or are looking for a new cocktail recipe to replace the Jack & Coke your ungentlemanly ass has chugged since high school.


One last extremely important thing:

Don’t fucking pronounce it wrong.


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