Which NBA Mascot Gets the Most Ass?

Sacramento King’s mascot Slamson the Lion tweeted this:


My first thought involved Entourage/Johnny Drama in a bunny suit, immediately followed by: Do furries fantasize about NBA mascots?! They undoubtedly do, especially these five:

1. Jazz Bear, Utah Jazz: Look at that motorcycle.  It doesn’t get more badass than that. He’s also got some pretty chill shades and super-arousing fur. Easily has to get the most ass among NBA mascots.


2. Crunch, Minnesota Timberwolves: Furries love feeling protected, and Crunch is skyrocketing up to-do lists after beating the shit out of Miami’s Harlem Shake guy.

3. Rocky, Denver Nuggets: He’s a fucking lion with a lightning bolt for a tail that wins
dunk contests.

4. Hugo, New Orleans: Hugo looks a little fruity, but it’s hard not to get lost in those eyes. Ladies also love the Starter jacket nostalgia and his darker New Orleans personality that comes out when the lights go down.


5. Clutch the Bear, Houston Rockets: It doesn’t get any better for chubby chasers. Nothing turns a two-ton-Tina on more than getting a cake slammed in her face after boinking, and Clutch loves slamming cakes. He’s also assertive
(ex: eats cheerleaders) and has a frisky nude side (skip to 1:28 below).

One thought on “Which NBA Mascot Gets the Most Ass?

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