6 Ways to Empower Yourself Right Now

You could read Pinterest quotes or blast your “I’m a Firework” playlist for some Monday empowerment. Or you could do these things:

1. Buy some quality swim trunks


The photo says it all.

2. Walk around with a banana in your pocket


Don’t think too much about it. Just take one stroll around your office and see how you feel.

3. Have a mysterious fun fact holstered for all ice breaker situations

Example: Hi I’m Jake, and I get super tan in the summertime.

4. Walk through the free weight area wearing Lulu

The stares are a loving, warm hug when you’re feeling down.

5. Have fun on social media

Creative birthday messages are a must. There’s also trolling the “I’m so blessed” crowd, poking, and custom emoticons at your disposal.


6. Meet Fashion Designers

Hey, Minks hey!!!!



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