6 Interview Questions You Should Ask Potential Employees

It’s hard to find Scott Disick-level talent when the questions you’re asking go something like: “Why did you decide to apply for this position?” and “Tell me about a time when things didn’t go your way”.

Here are six fresh arrows for your interview quiver:

1. Please draw a horse

“What? What do you mean I don’t have a whiteboard or anywhere to draw it? Your cover letter said you were a proactive problem solver. Get out of my sight.”


2. Have you ever Instagrammed your feet?

“Ew. FYI: That is firmly against company culture.”

3. Which fruit is best?

Strawberries: Traditional but solid, good. Raspberries: Free-spirited, open-minded, yes that’s good. Kiwi: Who are you? Probably not getting the job. Andy Cohen:  You. Are. So. Hired!!!!!!”

4. Which line from a rap song best describes your biggest weakness?

  1. I like bad bitches, that’s my fuckin’ problem.
  2. I use the arrogance as the steam that powers my dreams.
  3. 100 muthafuckas can’t tell me nothin’, I beez in the trap…beez beez in the trap
  4. God forgives. I don’t.

5. Other than King Arthur, who were the other six Knights of the Round Table?

Possible follow up: What would you have done if you couldn’t remove the sword in the stone?

Note: In any job, you’re going to need to bullshit. This interview question also offers honor, chivalry, knighthood or Game of Thrones as potential creative conversation tangents.

If you were a puppy, would you prefer to wrestle, or be pet?

Note: Clearly defines preferred work management style. Additionally, if he/she completely drifts off after you say “puppy”, you know he/she has a short attention span and probably lacks attention to detail. If it’s a marketing position and he/she brings up this commercial, it’s all ova. Offer time.


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