6 Ways to Empower Yourself This Monday – Part 2

Mondays are about as exciting as a silent fart that doesn’t smell. Hence, here’s another list to help you put a little more butt in that strut.

Carry something naughty in your pocket

I’ve already discussed the power of a banana in your pocket. You may want to be more subtle. This Dove promise usually does the trick for me.


Put a quality “Do Not Touch” note on your food in the work fridge


Note: The person that sends the email complaining about the mystery serial killer who ate their lunch is maybe my favorite work email to receive. I know your two-day-old sweet & sour chicken was going to be awesome, and I’m sure you planned to donate the money you saved on lunch to water.org, but no one killed your dog bro. Channel that rage into something productive and enjoy your fresh $5 footlong.

Work on Your Grip

Getting the endorphins flowing while intimidating everyone in your path is a strong way to start the week.


Read Badass Books

Every since I’ve put this one my desk, I’ve got a lot fewer questions.


Carry a pink Sharpie around with you

You can now give feedback to anyone, about anything, at any moment, all while supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.


Accept a compliment

Ladies, this one’s for you. I can see that one of nails you painted last night is already chipped, but they still look nice, and Naughty Nautical brightens this seaman’s day, so cut yourself some slack. It’s Monday.

For more empowerment, check out part 1.


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