As a social media professional, I see a lot of humans getting frisky with all caps. Knock it the fuck off PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!! Unless one of these situations arises, of course:

1. When you figure out your crush’s poop schedule at work

2. If someone a friend has hooked up with has got sups fat

3. You remember a phrase from your past that you can then seamlessly work into conversation – NO BITCHASSNESS.

4. Engagement announcements

5. When trolling someone complaining on Facebook. More trolling please.

6. If you’re an architect and/or mad talented with AutoCAD

7. You’re using OMFG or LOL when sending a photo of a friend that tried a new fashion look and failed miserably



Horace Grant Needs His Own App


What do you remember about Horace Grant? Probably not much beyond his goggles. I remember him as a champion, and a beacon for rec-spec’d glue guys everywhere. (He averaged an impressive 13.4 points and 9.1 rebounds per game during the Bulls’ three-peat btw.)

A stud like Horace should not just fade into obscurity. This is why he needs his own iPhone/Android app that adds colored goggles onto any photo you take. I could explain the benefits further, but I think these photos speak for themselves:

motay HG

bmase HG

hutch HG

Get at me Horace.

How to Cure a Hangover at Work – Real Solutions

I’m hungover. It’s Friday morning, and my celebratory TGIF flag is at half-mast. I need a cure, and no, Advil or coconut water doesn’t work you gullible, placebo-effecting muff huggers. Because of this, my real hangover cures rely almost entirely on others, but if we help each other, we can win this battle together. Here are the cures:

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